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Aspen Back PackBag Cefn Aspen

Stand out with this stunning leather backpack. You won't find this on the high street! 

Size approximately:

13" x 3.7" x 16.1" 

(33cm x 9.5cm x 41cm)

Colour: Browns and white

Durable thick leather

Multiple pockets

Hard handle and thick adjustable backpack straps



Gwnewch argraff gyda'r bag cefn lledr unigryw hwn! 


11" x 3.7" x 16.1" (28cm x 9.5cm x 41cm)

Lliw: Brown a gwyn

Pocedi niferus

Lledr trwchus

Handlen galed a strapiau trwchus addasadwy



£99.00 -