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Compact Waxed Canvas Camera BagBag Camera Cynfas Cwyr Bychan

Waxed Canvas - Durable, water-resistant and wind-resistant, the perfect compact outdoor camera bag.

Leather buckles and hard wearing adjustable strap. 

Weight: 0.41kg

Colour: Brown (also available in grey)

Size: 7''L x 5''D x 8''H  (17cm x 12cm x 20cm) 

Includes removable camera protection. Can be used as standard messenger bag without.



Cynfas cwyr sy'n gwerthsefyll dŵr, gwynt ag yn hynod o wydn. Y bag camera perffaith ar gyfer anturiaethau awyr agored. 

Pwysau: 0.41 kg

Maint: Size: 7''H x 5''D x U''H  (17cm x 12cm x 20cm) 
Lliw: Brown (ar gael mewn llwyd hefyd) 



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